Distribution Load Shedding

Distribution load shedding is a load curtailment application that monitors conditions on your system and make decisions about when and how load shedding will be required. Distribution load shedding then executes the desired optimal strategies and perform the controls necessary to shed the minimum required load.


  • 清洁绿色能源动力系统的设计、分析与运行
  • 进行风穿透研究
  • 优化电网互联研究
  • 发电管理系统
  • 风力机性能监测
  • 太阳能电池板与逆变器性能监测


  • Photovoltaic Array & Solar Panel

    Photovoltaic Array & Solar Panel

    An overview to photovoltaic array modeling and simulation using the ETAP software for solar panel sizing and grid impact analysis.